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1 on 1 Training Custom Fit Trainers can provide clients with some of the highest level of training coming from such a diverse range of backgrounds. Trainers knowledge and experiences include, general health and weight loss, martial arts black belt, world competitive endurance athlete and coach, power lifting, and hockey, football, baseball sport specific training.
Small Group Training Many of the great features of our One on One Personalized Training but less money per person and more peer motivation and social fun. Groups can range in size from 2 to 4 participants.
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Evolution Training by Custom Fit



Join our small group personal training program today!

  • Evolution Training is results oriented exercise CustomFit for you!
  • Evolution Training defines your entry level exercise intensity through base line functional evaluation.  As adaptations occur your program design will evolve.
  • Group exercise is typically generic and expected to fit everyone.  Science dictates that one size does not fit all.
  • Evolution Training groups are six people only. Excellent trainer to client ratio.
  • Personal training experience at group exercise prices.

COST: $420 (12 sessions, 3x week)

Evolution Training runs daily @ 7am, 12 noon and 6pm.

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John McCarron - His Journey To Fitness

  1. After working with me for a couple years and plateauing around 20-25lbs down what was the light bulb moment to take it to the next level? 

The "light bulb" moment came after looking at the picture above. After seeing the picture I was disgusted with myself. It was hard to get results, I was suffering from severe sleep apnea and had to sleep with a machine. Ironically it's very hard to actually sleep with a machine and mask on your face. I was always tired and had bad food cravings. I was at a point where I thought I was "destined" to be fat until a good friend told me about a documentary called Hungry for Change and after watching the documentary I realized that my situation was not unique and that 90% of things out there regarding weight loss are not based on actually science. I also watched Food Matters and Food Inc. I started to educate myself on vegan, juicing and vegetarian concepts.

 2. What specific foods did you give up or drastically cut back on that you used to eat all the time? Besides Giddy YoYo Chocolate, I gave up all food that was packaged and anything deep fried. I no longer could go out with clients for wings and beers. My typical food intake when I was fat was: Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich and a large coffee with 2x sugar and 2 x cream. Lunch would be sandwich or chicken burger, and for dinner it would be anything from Chinese food to BBQ. Except for Fridays, where I would hook up with clients for liquor and wings. Now my meals are typically a smoothie in the morning with water blueberries, Greek yogurt, chia and hemp. My mid morning meal is a dbl shoot of wheat grass and a juice with kale , beets, celery, spinach and carrots. For lunch I have a large salad, with no dressing or very little dressing with fish or chicken. My mid afternoon meal is a handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds and fruit if I need energy. For dinner it's salad or another juice and some chicken. I snack on a little dark chocolate every day as well. The key change I did was to eat food that was nutritionally dense, raw and organic.

 3. What changes in your activity level did you make? Increasing my training sessions with a personal trainer to six days a week, I found that trainers push your intensity to higher levels. Rather than training 2 to 3 days a week, I wanted to increase my activity to 6 to 7 days a week without over training. I also train on my own for an hour a day outside of the trainer. My own training workouts consist of an hour of cardio, usually on the bike or cross trainer. Something none impact as I have a foot injury where I will burn anywhere from 500 to 800 calories in an hour. Some days the intensity is lower if I feel stiff or tired, but the key is to keep doing it even if I feel too tired or sore. I usually find on days like that the second half of the cardio session I can pick up the intensity. Sometimes I will do cardio first thing in the morning before getting ready for work and other times I will do it after working out with a trainer. If I am too tired in the morning I will sleep as rest is very important in controlling my bad cravings and getting results. On the weekends I like to add weights to the cardio workout. 

 4. What were the hardest things to change? Work, family and self-balance. I was a workaholic; working in a high stress, cut throat industry. My compensation is basically straight commission, my phone is never off. Finding a way to fit everything in is still something I am working at. I had to make myself a priority and take time out during the day to workout. My friends, family and co workers understand now that I need to do this and it's not an option that I miss a workout. The other hard thing is to maintain a social life and entertain friends and clients without indulging in liquor and bad food. It's around me all the time. Whenever I have an urge for bad food or liquor I usually hold off on acting on it. I wait 5 minutes and usually the urge or cravings will go away.
 5. What obstacles do you face daily that make it difficult to keep your weight down? Time is the biggest obstacle, being around people that are negative and training around my injuries from a bad car accident. I had to get rid of past relationships, both professionally and personally, that were counter-productive and surround myself with positive people that bring out the best in me. I had to set goals and have rewards when I reached them. I always have something to strive towards. When I decided to lose 100 pounds it was very daunting. Then I said when I lose 100 pounds I will reward myself with a trip to Africa, something I always wanted to do but never did. The trip is booked and I also added A Kilimanjaro hike. My next goal is go on a hike in Bali (another bucket list place for me) in 2015 when I get to and maintain a range of fat of 10% to 15%. The key thing was to set a goal, set the reward and be around people that were encouraging. I find if I surround myself with people that are smart, successful, conscientious (do what they say they will do) and that are genuinely good, combine that with goals and rewards it's very hard to fail.


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Stupid Scale


 How is it that a one square foot piece of metal with springs can create such immense neurotic behavior even in highly intelligent people? In my 23 years as a personal trainer I have seen hands on how a needle pointing to a number has dictated the mood, emotion and behavior of individuals for the rest of their day. The scale is an obsession in our society. Social media, magazines, sports and movie stars, clothing companies and the people in our lives all contribute to putting a value on a human being based on what they weigh on a scale. If a woman weighs 120lbs then she is associated with words like: thin, motivated, healthy, determined, and intelligent. If the woman weighs 180lbs then the words most people think are: fat, lazy, gluttonous, ill and stupid. The stereotypes we have about other people’s weight are not only wrong but illogical. The weight measured on a scale has absolutely no relevance to someone’s health. Heavier people can be healthier than lighter people.  

The scale does not measure what most people think it measures – how fat we are. The scale measures whatever you place on top of it. It cannot distinguish between healthy lean muscle tissue and excessive adipose tissue. Someone could weigh 150lbs at 5ft 5in and can have a 15% body fat level while someone else at the same weight and height could have a 30% body fat level. One person is lean and muscular while the other is not.

The scale is only an instrument that puts a value of how much ground force from the Earth’s core is pushing back up against us. Gravity is weaker at the equator and at higher altitudes. Someone would weigh slightly less if they stepped on a scale on top a mountain near the equator like Machu Pichu than they would near the North Pole at sea level.

The one issue that drives most people absolutely crazy is the weight fluctuations they have day after day or even hour after hour on a scale. It amazes me that people weigh themselves everyday and it is even more shocking that people weigh themselves multiple times in one day. If your goal is to measure if you have gained or lost body fat then it highly unlikely you will notice anything on a day to day basis. It takes a deficit of 3500 calories for your body to use up one pound of its own body fat reserves. Most people would be lucky to realistically have a 500 calorie deficit in one day. If you have a job, family and regular life responsibilities a 500 calorie deficit is doable. This would equate to losing one pound of fat in one week. A highly motivated individual who is willing to sacrifice leisure time to exercise and be willing to give up the pleasurable foods they usually enjoy could possibly get a 1,000 calorie daily deficit. This would mean a 2lb fat drop in one week. People who weigh themselves daily hoping to see a change on the scale have no hope. Even if you are the highly motivated person losing two pounds per week, on a daily basis it would average out to less than a quarter of a pound lost. A scale does not measure such small changes daily so what are people looking for when it is not there?

If the scale is not measuring body fat changes short term then why can someone weigh3-5lbs more later in the day than they do first thing in the morning? Why can someone make fantastic healthy eating choices all week long, exercise daily and the scale shows they gained a pound or two by the end of the week? The answer is because the scale is STUPID. The scale doesn’t know the great lifestyle choices you have made. It just provides a value of ground reaction force to your mass. The human body is mostly made up of water. Water is everywhere – in your brain, skin, muscles, fat, in all your cells. Of the weight the scale measures over 75% is water weight. It makes sense then that fluctuations in your fluid levels would play a major role in the weight value the scale shows. What can cause some of these fluctuations?

-         Amount of fluid in liquids and food you take in during the day

-         How much you have perspired ( I can lose 6lbs of water playing one hour of squash)

-         Amount of urine and intestinal elimination

-         Hormonal cycles of females

-         Types of food you eat, high salt causes water retention



We have had a mixed martial arts fighter train at my personal training studio who had to make a 155lb weight limit for a fight. The day before the official weigh in he weighed 172lbs. He has to lose 17lbs in 24hrs. How does someone lose 17lbs quickly? They avoid eating and drinking anything and spend their day in the sauna riding a stationary bike with garbage bags around them to induce extreme sweating. After the weigh in they get fluids put back into the body intravenously. The lesson here is that it is easy lose weight but hard to lose fat. The scale can’t tell you which is happening.

If you are one of those people that steps on a scale multiple times per day, shifts their body weight side to side or back and forth to register a lower number, and gets depressed from the number you see after spending a week of making great eating choices and exercising diligently then it is time to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Real body composition changes take time, consistency and healthy permanent lifestyle changes. Do not let a scale put a value on your efforts. Keep making smart choices, evaluate your progress by how you feel and maybe weigh yourself once a month. People are freaking out about the number they weigh on a scale which has no relevant information about their overall body fat levels or general health. Stop freaking out over nothing!

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Obesity and Financial Stress



I have talked about how the complexity of obesity is overwhelming our society. The same can be said about the financial problems plaguing most North Americans. When you break both down to the grass root issue it is quite simple. People become fat when they consume more calories than they expend and they become poor when they spend more money than they make. The difficulty is trying to figure out why this occurs. Why is it that our population is now 60% overweight? Why is house hold debt at 165% of income? The banks have to keep the prime interest rate at 3% for the last five years because people mismanage their money, and refuse to curb spending. Both issues are getting worse and worse year after year with no signs of a slowdown. Are we destined to have 200lb plus women, 300lb plus men walking around with thousands of dollars in credit card debt and mortgage foreclosures?

Surely people are not so stupid that they would buy new expensive cars they cannot afford. Surely if someone is 100lbs overweight, has diabetes, heart issues and joint pain they would avoid all you can eat buffets and fast food outlets. Most people know what decisions are the right ones, but for some reason cannot make them. When it comes down to it, it really is simple math. As long as you can add and subtract (we learn this in Grade 1), the right decisions should be relatively easy to make. Let me offer some of my own insight and see if I can point out the obvious, which I think people already know but are afraid to face.

Fear, Or Inability To Delay Immediate Gratification

Human beings are designed to seek pleasure. If we did not, our race would have died off like the dinosaurs did. The part of the brain that drives us to reward is responsible for motivation. Whenever we go too long without that, the drive becomes even greater. If we are too cold, the primary focus that overrides everything else is to seek warmth. If you are starving, then finding food is paramount. If you are thirsty, then water is vital. If you have not had sex for a long time then…….even Mrs. Roper from “Three’s Company” starts looking hot. If our prehistoric ancestors did not have the drive to seek pleasure then they would sit dumbly on a rock and never do anything.


The issue today is that we already have our main basic needs taken care of. We have water, food, shelter and the blessed ones are getting regular sex. What do human beings do when they already have everything? They desire more. Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest men once said “the only difference between me and the average person is that I don’t travel commercial”. Someone may already have a house but they desire a nicer, bigger house with granite counter tops. They have transportation (either their own car or public transit) but they desire a car with more features. The nicer car doesn’t get the job of getting you from point A to point B any better. The end result is the same but now we want to get there in “style”. We want others to see the emblem on the car or brand. A Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche is much more eye catching than a Nissan Versa. The biggest scam in branding I find is in women’s purses. What does a purse do other than carry your small stuff around in and accessorize your outfit? A fifty dollar purse could do this quite nicely but does a $2000 Louis Vuitton bag do it any better? It doesn’t carry things any better. Some say it is better quality but you could buy forty $50 bags with many different colors that would last you decades. Plus I think the Louis Vuitton bags look ugly. It just comes down to the logo, the prestige of owning one, and the pleasure you get from others seeing you walk around with one and asking you about it. Now I am all for spending your money on whatever you desire if you can afford it, but what happens when you don’t have the resources? Putting $2000 on a credit card at 19.9% interest will cost you $400 in interest rate charges at the end of the year if you make only the minimum payments monthly. Just on the yearly interest you could have bought eight $50 bags. Some of you may say,” what people are dumb enough that would do this?” I say there are many. It happens when people lease new cars when they should be buying used. It happens with people mortgaging themselves to the max when a half percent interest rate rise may cause them to miss payments and lose their home. Why should we care that our neighbours are unable to delay immediate gratification and live within their own means? Because it affects us all. People losing their homes affect the housing market. People going on welfare means others have to work harder and longer to support them. People avoid paying their tax bill because they had to get that new 3D HD television their teenagers desperately wanted. They are part of the billions of dollars in tax avoidance the Canadian government has to go and recoup.

Your financial problems are your fault but not entirely. Electronic stores are up selling stuff you don’t have to start paying for in two years. Car dealerships are selling you vehicles with no interest payments. I have seen promotions that if you bought a new vehicle right away they would pay off $2000 on your credit card. If you can’t pay off your credit card does buying a new vehicle make sense? Banks were handing out mortgages to people that they should not have. All these institutions know that people are seeking immediate gratification. They know if they present you with a deal so desirable your prehistoric pleasure seeking reward brain cannot resist. As a society we need to set up rules to help people from themselves. It should not be so easy for people to over spend. The problem when you make up many rules is that it takes personal freedom and choice away from the individual.   I am not a big fan of government telling me what I can and cannot do but when other people’s bad decisions affect my life I can live with it. Banks today have more restrictions on who they can loan money too. Loan applicants have to come up with a bigger down payment before they can borrow money to buy a home. I think this is good – for everyone.


When it comes to food and weight loss the problem of immediate gratification is the same as in finances. People have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy and grains. No one needs to go hungry ever again. But this is not enough for the majority. Sometimes the problem is that they have too much access to these foods but the main issue is the desire to seek even greater pleasure from foods higher in salt, sugar and fat. It becomes a greed for taste that is uncontrollable. Instead of a healthy apple we choose a concentrated fruit juice. French fries are much more desirable than a baked potato. Potato chips are the more preferred late night snack than a fresh, raw vegetable plate.

Foods that are higher in sugar, salt and fat are more calorie dense. Not only do you get less food for your calorie buck but you get fewer nutrients for your cellular health. You could be obese but still be malnourished. The immediate pay off from eating a nice chocolate cream pie is pure ecstasy for your taste buds and temporary relief from the pleasure centers of your brain telling you that you need to eat something to make you feel good. Prehistoric man would get the same feeling from finding nuts, seeds, lean meat or edible plant food. Chocolate cream pies did not exist back then so the brain did not know what it was missing. The presence of fast food outlets, processed packaged foods, and soda pop are killing us. Big food companies sell us cheap, unhealthy junk all in order to satisfy our immediate pleasure seeking brains. The problem is that in the long run they are making our society obese and diseased. I hate to see advertisements on television directly marketing to children. McDonalds is the biggest distributor of toys in the country. They are supposed to be selling some kind of food product, why the toys? You know the answer to that. Your kids see an advertisement on television, they bug you to go get a happy meal, you are either too tired to make a healthy meal, don’t want to hear them cry or just don’t think a happy meal once in awhile will do much harm. The goal of big food companies is to hook your children into becoming lifelong consumers and for them in turn to unwarily make your grandchildren consumers. When big food companies start using your children’s favorite cartoon characters to sell them junk food, I think that is going too low. They are using Grover, Buzz Lightyear, Dora and Spiderman to sell high fat/sugary snacks that lead to a lifetime of poor habitual eating patterns, disease and obesity. Pooh Pooh to big food and Pooh Pooh to the creators of the cartoon characters banning together for the single purpose of PROFIT, and Pooh Pooh to the rest of us for letting this happen. Your goal as parents is to protect and care for your children giving them the best possible chance at a healthy long life. DO NOT let these companies get to them. Think of them as drug dealers dealing on the playgrounds. You can speak volumes with your actions and your wallet. Everyone has a choice. Choose to spend your money wisely. If enough people do so they will be forced to change their business model and products they sell.

At one time there was no solid proof that smoking caused lung cancer. As more research was done and people became smarter a strong correlation was shown to exist. The research on certain food products causing diabetes, heart disease and other types of cancers will be tougher to prove. There are too many variables to account for in taking one product like “soda pop” and say it causes obesity. How much soda pop you drink, what types of other foods you eat, your activity level, and your genetics are just a few things that can lead to obesity as well. It will be impossible to say “don’t drink pop – it makes you fat”, even though it does. The Governor of New York outlawed pop being sold in extra large containers. All he is trying to do is make it slightly more difficult to over consume the product. The flack he is getting from people crying out their personal choice is being violated is monumental. Any credible dietician, doctor, trainer, nutritionist would all say drinking pop is not good for you. How everyone differs is on the “how much” part. How much you can consume of anything differs from person to person. It depends on:

-         How lean and healthy you desire to be (some people are okay being over 30% body fat while others would freak out if it crept over 10%).

-         How much you like a certain product (I love pizza, no way I give that up ever. I will simply exercise more to enjoy it).

-         How toxic the product is to your body ( problem is no one really knows the long term specific consequences, even though they exist)

-         How healthy and energetic you feel right now (if you are in general good health but overweight then maybe the effects of over consuming a products takes longer to hit you)

Coca Cola has recently launched advertising ads to boost its image away from destroying our youth with their products. They have the gaul to say they want to lend a hand in curbing childhood obesity. That is like having an arsonist help you put out a fire they started. That is like a pig teaching you proper table manners. They say they want to help but then put out ads deflecting their involvement in the obesity crisis. One of their ads suggests that obesity occurs because we sit too much. So why doesn’t everyone just get up, run around and have a coke for a refreshment, that will cure the problem.   Sitting is a problem but so is Coca Cola. With the amount of money they have for an advertising budget they can brain wash you into believing rubbing their sodas on your head will grow hair or increase your libido or even cure a headache. Big food is so powerful that they are impossible to bring down. Only when enough people get sick and the money we have to spend to help the ill outweighs the economic benefits big food brings to the economy will we start making the right choices.


Everyone gets a budget of calories for their 24hr day. In my experience and the literature I have read it is around 1300-1700 calories at a basal rate for women and between 1700-2200 for men. There are variances from person to person because of their age, sex, height and weight. A person who is younger, taller, heavier and male gets quite a few calories to maintain the weight they are at. A person who is older, shorter, lighter and female is screwed.   If you want the best chance of estimating how many calories you get at a basal rate (the amount for just basic life functions and sitting around all day) a metabolic test can be done at some Universities or health audit clinics. They will put a mask on your face connecting a tube into your mouth. The machine will measure the gases you intake and expire, your resting heart rate plus add your sex, age, height and weight variables. If you do not want to go through this trouble and are okay with a less accurate estimation this is the formula I use when setting people up on eating plans through my website.

(10 X weight in Kg) + (6.25 X height in cm) – (4.92 X age) – 166 women +166 men

A 150lb female who is 5ft 5in tall and 45yrs old has a BMR of 1332 daily calories.

Myself a 205lb male who is 6ft tall and 45 yrs old has a BMR of 2021 daily calories.

This means I can eat approximately 700 calories more per day, in a week nearly 5000 calories extra compared to the female example. In theory I could eat 2 whole large pizzas per week extra compared to the female. She would gain a pound and a half and I would maintain the same weight. This does not even factor in daily and weekly activity level. It would be even more ridiculous if I factored my typical weekly exercise regime.   Basically it sucks being a chick, especially if you are an inactive chick. Women have a much more difficult time than men losing weight. Restricting calories too much is not a good idea. It becomes difficult to get all the nutrients your cells need daily, plus you need the energy from food to have the energy to lead an active lifestyle. It is harder but not impossible. The great news about your daily calorie budget allowance is that there is no limit to it. You can simply make added deposits to your daily calorie total by increasing the duration or intensity of how active you are. It is the same from the financial point of view. If you don’t have enough money to buy something you can go and make more money. Not easy but it can be done. Realistically for most people their basal metabolic rate does make up the majority of the calories in their daily calorie budget. The exceptions are for athletes who can typically train 2 to 6 hours per day. I read an article during the last Olympics that talked about Michael Phelps (multi gold medal winner swimmer) that stated he ate up to 12,000 calories per day and he is ripped. I surely do not suggest that you need to up your activity to this level. The point is many people underestimate the power of movement to combat disease and obesity. I read constantly many obesity expert doctors talking about how little a role exercise plays to combat obesity compared to restricting calorie consumption. I do agree most people cannot out train a bad diet. Morbidly obese individuals have low functional capacity and would have a difficult time expending many calories before they became exhausted and had to rest. A good eating plan is more important, especially for more overweight individuals. Exercise and non exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) – calories expended from every day movement like housework or walking the dog, are the two variables people can manipulate to propel their weight loss to further levels. Once you have developed a lifestyle of eating that is 80-90% healthy and your weight loss has stalled the only other option is movement. The side benefits which I think are huge and many others fail to account for are, endorphin release, sense of accomplishment, pleasure, stress/depression reduction. Anxiety, stress, depression and lack of sleep have been shown to increase the urge to seek a pleasurable response from calorie dense foods. Exercise has been shown to be a natural anti depressant. If you can make the time to perform movement you enjoy on a regular basis not only will you reduce your desire to intake high fat, high sugary high salt foods; you will develop muscle, a good cardiovascular system, social stability training with others and be an inspiration to your children.

In my experience taking one hour of your day to perform movement you enjoy can result in a caloric expenditure between 300-500 for a female depending on the intensity of the movement and the size of the person doing it. If you are the 150lbs, 5ft 5in, 45 year old in the previous example you can now increase your daily calorie budget allotment to between 1632 and 1832. This gives you much more playing around room. This is what an active lifestyle can do for you. It gives you more freedom to choose how to spend your calories.   You have more options.  Option #1 sit back and enjoy a pint of Rocky Road Hagen Daz Ice Cream and that’s all you get in a day. Option #2 (the healthier choice) spread the calories over 3-5 meals with lean meat options, some healthy carbs like yams, yogurt, fruit, spinach salad with roasted chicken breast and few dark covered chocolate almonds. Option one will overwhelm the pleasure centers of your brain, make you feel wonderful while you are eating your ice cream and when you are done that feeling turns into disgust. It is only temporary pleasure.   With option two you still will feel pleasure (not as much at one time) but it will be distributed over your day. Keep doing option one regularly you will have temporary blips of pleasure in your life but the consequences are obesity and disease long term. Option two there is not as much intense pleasure but the long term benefits are a fit, healthy, long life for you and your family.

If your goal is to lose one fat pound you must expend 3,500 calories over some period of time. Most fitness professionals agree that a one to two pound loss in a week is doable without too much disruption in your life. To lose 1lb in a week you must average a 500 calorie deficit from your daily average allowable intake for seven days. To lose two fat pounds then a 1000 calorie deficit must be averaged daily for seven days. Our poor 45yr old that wants to drop 5-10lbs at a current weight of 150lbs would be limited to consuming 1332 calories per day (not that much) plus have to exercise at least one hour everyday at a good intensity. If she is consistent one pound will come off at the end of the week. It would take five weeks to get down to 145lbs. An additional matter to be aware of is, as you get lighter you must redo your calculations. Your daily calorie allotment drops as you have less fat. More of either calorie restriction (which I don’t recommend when you are eating 80-90% healthy) or more intensity/duration of movement must occur to continue losing fat.

I believe we have the ability to control our own destiny. Some have it easier than others when it comes to weight loss and money management. Realize that everyone still has the ability to choose. I know that there are many advertisements on television that promise results that defy the 3500 calorie deficit rule to lose a pound of fat. You have to be smart and realize they have an alternate agenda of trying to get at your money. If someone told you it only takes 200 days for the earth to orbit the sun instead of 365.25 days you would not believe them. Until some new research comes out that is reliable and validated by others, the current concept is what we have to go by. Some people can blame obesity on their thyroid, fibromyalgia, genetics, their job, depression, no support structure, time, age, hate for exercise, hate for vegetables, their parents, big fast food companies, and so on. All are legitimate obstacles to the body you desire. In my experience the majority of North Americans cannot make the right decisions because they don’t really want to. It is too hard to resist the pleasure that surrounds us. It is too hard to drive past McDonalds and make a healthy dinner at home for your family. It is too hard not buying that $400 pair of Oakley sunglasses because they look so good on you and you still have a bit of room before your credit card is maxed out.   I will leave you with this. “Always take the hard, rough, uphill road. The easy, smooth downhill path just takes you back where you started from.” PLAKAS


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For the tens of thousands of years human beings have been on planet Earth, obesity was never a problem for the majority of people.  It is only in the past 70 or so years, since post World War II that obesity has become a progressively increasing issue in our society.  So what happened?  Why is the population in developed countries now 60% over weight?   It does not make sense that we have evolved into being fat.  The only answer can be environmental conditions have changed that make it near impossible to maintain a lean healthy body.  Below I have identified eight issues that I believe directly affect the unhealthy fat pounds people are gaining.

Tuesday, 05 June 2012 20:29 – Written by Kevin Masters

Grand Canyon Run in a Day by Custom Fit Trainer

It went from reading an article to completion in a little over a year. Prior to reading a first hand account of someones experiences running from one side of the Grand Canyon and back in one day, the thought never remotely crossed my mind. Shameful to admit, but I actually did not know very much about the Grand Canyon before my run research began. The winter training did not lend itself to a 100% comprehensive training program that should have included a couple 6+ hour experiences out in the mountains but it did get me running consistently again and it did provide motivation to extend passed my previous run limits including 30 mile long runs. As non specific as it was I would now consider this whole experience a major contributor to the attainment of my fall marathon goal.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011 15:19 – Written by Miles Gibson

Paul Plakas on CTV

Maximizing Fat Loss - CTV Edmonton (June 11, 2012)


Exercising Through Injury - CTV Edmonton ( May 28, 2012)


TRX Suspension Training -


Different methods for increasing your workout intensity.  Watch Paul explain how to do it right.

Tuesday, 04 October 2011 18:16 – Written by Kevin Masters

Still Talking About Custom Fit

Dear Custom Fit,

I just wanted each of you to know that every time I come to the gym and am greeted with a smile or a "Hello" it really gives me motivation to want to be there. There are days when i am dragging my butt to be there but as soon as I walk in and each person who is there usually gives me a smile, says, "Hello" I know I will make it through another one of Steffan's crazy workouts.  People don't realize how a little smile or a hello can actually be enoough for a person to make it through another day. So with all this said I would just like to say thank you one more time and keep up the amazing jobs you are doing. Due to all your positive attitudes I feel I am on the straight road to recovery.

Custom Fit isn't just our name, it's our promise. With state-of-the-art facilities and a health services team that is among the finest in Canada, we are dedicated to providing the specialized attention, training and knowledge you need to attain your unique fitness objectives. Whether you're a professional athlete or you've never set foot in a gym, we're here to help you feel good and reach your goals—in fitness and in life.

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